Specifications CTM 25-10

Performance curve

The performance curves are based on water at 20°C. Other circumstances might change the performance.

Read about how do you interpret the performance curves.


 Dimensions  mm/inch
 Height A  100 / 3.93
 Length B   334,5 / 13.17
 Height C  71 / 2.79
 Depth D  141 / 5.55
Pump casing and isolation shell (rear casing) PP (GF 30%) or PVDF
Impeller PP or PVDF
Lantern (not wetted) PP (GF 30%)
Static bushings Ceramic (standard) or SiC
Rotating bushings Carbographite (standard) or SiC
O-rings FKM (standard), EPDM orFFKM Kaflon
Magnets NdFeB
General characteristics 
Temperature range PP pumps: 0C …. +70C
  PVDF pumps: 0C …. +80C
System pressure rating PP pumps: PN4 at 20C, PN2 at 70C
  PVDF pumps: PN4 at 20C, PN2 at 80C
Viscosity 200 cSt max
Solids 2% max concentration in weight
  Hardness 800 Vk / size 150 m
Motor IEC standard, 3×380 VAC (other voltage upon request),
  2900 rpm, IP55, frame B3/B14

For more detailed information – please download our product brochure Air operated diaphragm pumps.

curves CTM-25-10.en

Performance curve click to enlarge

CTM dim.en

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